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Implement Content Pillars in Your Social Media Strategy

Finding the right for your brand's social media can be challenging, specially when you are looking to prioritize conversion and maintain a cohesive branding. Content pillar strategy can be your best friend. By implementing a content pillars strategy to their social media plan, brands can create a cohesive brand image, drive engagement, and increase authority.

Content pillars are topics your brand will consistently discuss, explore and create digital content for. These topics are specific to your brand and a reflection of the content that is most popular with your online audience. Under these pillars, you will have subtopics related to it. They will help guide you more specifically when creating content.

How to Create A Content Pillar Strategy?

1. Study your audience and identify their problems and needs. Understand how you can help them, provide valuable information and create relationships.

Consumers will want to hear themselves echoed in your brand voice and feel connected to your posts, so understanding how your target audience operates across social media is crucial. Ask several questions to establish a detailed persona, including:

  • Who is your customer in terms of demographics and psychographics?

  • What type of content does your customer consume daily?

  • Where is your audience looking for content related/like to yours?

  • Which of their pain points can you address through your content?

  • How can you make their lives better or persuade them to purchase a product or service that makes their lives better?

2. Audit your digital platforms to see what content works and what doesn’t.

Study your own platforms to understand what your audience liked to see and hear from you. Ask yourself what kind of content has historically performed well with your customer.

3. Create 3 to 5 content pillars and multiple sub-topics for each of them.

Now that you’ve determined your target audience, their needs, and what they search for, you can finally create your core content pillars. Begin by creating a master spreadsheet of all keyword phrases or topics you’d like to cover. Then, cluster content based on related subjects. These main pillars will also help guide you through the final stage: content creation.

4. Create content for each of the subtopics related to the main pillars.

Lastly, now that you have identified what your pillars and subtopics are it's time to create pertinent content. Use relevant keywords to develop the body of content such as an accompanying graphic and caption, and supplement with related hashtags. Keep in mind the platforms for which you are creating content and your audience and get to work!

Big brands, such as Nike and Apple optimize for conversion using content pillars. Great content is the culmination of audience research, analytics, and planning hours. If you are looking to turn your social media content into great content, contact our team today. Let's create something great together!



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