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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeline for a project?

Each different project has a unique timeline. After our discovery meeting, we talk through all the steps and time expectations for your project.

Usually, this is what you can expect from a few of our services:

  • Branding projects take up to 4 weeks to be finalized after all the rounds of revision.

  • Websites can take over a couple of months to be completed, depending on the platform and quantity of pages and content.

  • Social media management starts 2 weeks after the first check-in meeting and can last for however long agreed on the contract.

  • Public relations services are unique to each project, so the timeline may vary.

Can we adapt packages to align with my budget?

Absolutely! All our packages are just suggestions of service bundles. You have the choice of going with a pre-made package or creating your own. You can select the services that will attend your needs and create your unique package.

Do I get a say on the designs being created?

YES, and if you don't, we will ask for it! We have multiple check-in meetings to get your feedback every step of the way. We want your project to be exactly what you want. It's all about your brand!

What platforms are used for the websites?

The platforms used to create the websites are Squarespace, WIX and WordPress. The pricing and timeline for them vary depending on the platform chosen. Mills will provide a training session on how to use your new website.

What should I expect when working with Mills?

Expect a very easy-going and fun process, we will have multiple meetings to ensure that each and every part of the project aligns with your goals. At Mills, each detail of your project has a meaning.


We know that your brand is unique and has a story to tell. When building something together, we want to preserve all the incredible things you have created and represent you to a tee.


When working with Mills, we can guarantee your voice will be heard and appreciated. We are here to help you create something great because your brand deserves it.

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